The Premier Rage Room in Denver, Colorado

Welcome to All Out Smash, where we create beautiful art out of your stress!

We are the symphony of destruction you never realized you needed; we are not your grandmother's tea party. Imagine yourself in a room full of breakable objects, armed with a sledgehammer or baseball bat, like a hero battling the chaos of daily life. We named it a "Rage Room" because, let's face it, there are moments when life gives you lemons and all you want to do is crush them to pieces without having to worry about how to make lemonade.

Here at All Out Smash, we've mastered the art of controlled chaos. Our rage room is like therapy but with a side of adrenaline. You can unleash your inner Hulk and let loose on glass, ceramics, and electronics, all without judgment. It's the ultimate stress-relief experience. We've had folks celebrating promotions, exorcising ex-related demons, and even a few who just wanted a unique date night. Forget downward dogs and meditation; we've got the patented "smash-asana" to help you find your zen.

Don't be worried about making a mess either. Our cleanup team is like the ninja janitors of devastation, so don't worry. Before you know it, they'll come in and destroy everything. "Oops, did I just obliterate a printer?" you ask? Furthermore, even fashionistas would be envious of our fashionable safety gear. We are discussing coveralls, hard hats, and safety glasses that would turn a supermodel green with envy. 

So, if life has got you feeling like you're in a pressure cooker and you need to let off some steam, pick up a bat, embrace your inner rock star, and go over to All Out Smash in the heart of Denver. We guarantee that you'll come away from this with a grin on your face, a feeling of achievement, and perhaps a few shattered bits of nostalgia! Recall that it's therapy with a fantastic time on the side, not destruction!


Our Most Popular Sessions

Choose from one (or more) of our most popular adrenaline-fueled worlds of Rage Room and Splatter Room sessions!  The thrilling experiences you encounter not only relieve stress but also provide an unforgettable outing for friends, family, or colleagues. Join us to smash your frustrations and create unforgettable memories!

 For corporate events, birthday parties, or groups larger than 16 people, please call us at (720) 646-0840.

Meet the Owner


The idea for All Out Smash began in January 2023, when owner and operator Cameron Nemitz, needed some stress relief after a long few years of being a business owner.

Cameron has owned a local moving company here in Colorado since 2019. During the operation of his moving company, Cameron also noticed that customers also had a need for junk removal. This is where the Rage Room idea came to fruition.

 Years after the quarantine during the 2020 onset of COVID-19, "being stressed out, needing to go break stuff myself, and not finding [a smash room] close enough for us" is why he decided to start All Out Smash, said Nemitz.

Our mission is to set the standard for smashing by providing the best and widest variety of smashing experiences in a safe environment for ages 13 and up!

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