All Out Smash is the ultimate Denver Rage Room experience.

Break, smash, bash, and destroy at our Denver Rage Room!  The smashing is vigorous, but the fun is limitless. So, whether you need to release a little stress or want to demolish breakables without consequence, All Out Smash is undoubtedly the Rage Room in Denver you've been looking for.

But don't stop there... Transform your tantrums into triumphs! Consider this: you walk into our Denver rage room, armed with a sledgehammer or a baseball bat, and you unleash the beast within you on anything from dishes to printers, to pictures of your boss or ex. We don't know. Do your thing! Do you just need to let off steam? Cool. We have you covered. Shred your stress with one of our popular packages listed below. Or, at any time, click on one of the "Book Now" buttons scattered throughout our site. At All Out Smash, you'll enter your rage room with stress and the only thing you'll leave with is your smile!

Check out our Denver Splatter Room while you're here.  Now it's not just the rage room that brings you to All Out Smash; our splatter room is all the rage, too!

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What are Smash and Rage Rooms?

Rage rooms have gained popularity as a form of stress relief and entertainment in some places. They're often used for various purposes, including team-building exercises, personal stress relief, or simply as a unique and fun activity. It's important to note that while rage rooms can be a fun and therapeutic experience for some individuals, they are not intended as a substitute for professional anger management or therapy when dealing with serious emotional issues.

What You Are Smashing

Objects often include glass bottles, dishes, electronics, furniture, and other items that are considered safe to destroy.

The concept behind a rage room is to provide people with a safe and cathartic outlet to vent their emotions and let off steam. Participants are typically provided with protective gear such as helmets, goggles, and gloves to ensure their safety while smashing objects. They can choose from a selection of items to break, and then they're allowed to unleash their emotions by hitting, smashing, and breaking those items.


Our Most Popular Sessions

Choose from one (or more) of our most popular adrenaline-fueled worlds of Rage Room and Splatter Room sessions!  The thrilling experiences you encounter not only relieve stress but also provide an unforgettable outing for friends, family, or colleagues. Join us to smash your frustrations and create unforgettable memories!

 For corporate events, birthday parties, or groups larger than 16 people, please call us at (720) 646-0840.


A Smashing Good Time!

Who says you have to be angry to want to smash stuff??

Smashing and totally raging out is an exhilarating recreational activity that can be fun for countless occasions, like date night, office team building, parties, birthdays, or just for the thrill of it!

All Out Smash can accommodate all friends of all group sizes and create a custom rage room session that is right for you or, for you and your friends and coworkers.

Contact us today to plan your Rage Room Session!

4 Smash Rooms

Appointments will be booked in 30-minute increments. We will have availability scheduled for around 4 available rage rooms.

2 Splatter Rooms

Appointments for your splatter rooms will also be booked in 30-minute increments. We will have availability scheduled for around 2 available splatter rooms.

and answers

1Refund & Rescheduling Policy?
All Out Smash Breakroom has a no refund policy. Once you make your appointment we go to work purchasing items for your experience. You are able to freely reschedule your break room experience up to 24 hours before you are scheduled to enter the break room.
2What Should You Wear?
To ensure the safety of our customers, all participants must wear long pants, socks that cover your ankles, and closed-toed, flat shoes only. NO shorts, dresses, skirts, sandals, flip-flops, high heels, or open-toed shoes of any kind will be permitted. Please keep in mind smashing is much like a workout and you will break a sweat, so we suggest lightweight, breathable clothing, such as workout attire if possible. Long sleeves and rugged, thick-soled shoes highly recommended.
3When Times Can You Schedule?
Hours of operation: Tuesday-Sunday - 12pm to 8pm Monday - Closed 4 smash rooms Appointments will be booked in 30 minute increments. We will have availability scheduled around 4 available smash rooms.
4Can You Donate Your Unwanted Items?
We care about our community and about the environment, so being socially responsible and eco-friendly is one of our top priorities. All Out Smash is happy to accept all of your electronics, un-upholstered furniture, glass, cups, mugs, windows, doors, ceramics, household items, and pretty much anything smash-worthy. Smashing these materials into pieces and proper disposal, significantly reduces their decomposition time, which is ultimately better for the environment. The only things we cannot take are, tube TV’s, vacuum cleaners, BBQ grills, upholstered furniture, mattresses, and light bulbs of any kind.

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